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We always want to offer you more choice by constantly expanding our range with new quality products. This page lists all the recent product additions (with red headers) and any other news (with grey headers).

AWD Kids Cool T 17th August 2022
Lightweight textured performance stretch fabric. Self-fabric taped back neck. Removable neck label makes it ideal for personalised branding.

Made from 100% polyester so you can dye sub onto it, or alternatively use garment vinyl.

Available in 6 colours and sizes from 3-13 years.

Heavy Duty Scissors 1st August 2022
Heavy duty Japanese 15cm / 6 inch stainless steel blades.

Rubberised lines handles for comfort. Right handed. Overall length 30cm.

Dechroming Vinyl Tape 29th July 2022
KPMF dechroming vinyl tape for covering unwanted chrome detailing on vehicles.

Features an air release adhesive that makes application easier by allowing any air trapped during application to escape down the micro channels in the adhesive structure.

Available in 50mm and 100mm widths in matt or gloss black. 10 metre rolls.

Hotronix Sports Ball Press 28th July 2022
The Hotronix Sports Ball Press is designed to easily customise or personalise inflatable balls such as footballs, rugby balls.

The press features a digital display with twin timers and pressure read out. Hotronix's auto open function automatically opens the press when the countdown reaches zero.

Dye Sublimation Printable Garment Vinyl 20th July 2022
Produce vibrant, full colour printed garment vinyl designs using your dye sublimation printer that are hard wearing and longlasting.

Available in A4 and A3 sizes, each pack contains 10 sheets.

Dye Sublimation Jigsaws 19th July 2022
A range of card backed dye sublimation jigsaws. Superb vibrant print quality.

Comes with sealable card envelope for packaging to your customer.

MDP Rapide - New Colours 18th July 2022
Another 2 colours have been added to the MDP Rapide garment vinyl range.

Fuchsia Mint
By The Metre
By The Cameo/Cricut Sheet
Dye Sublimation Bottle Openers 30th June 2022
Metal bottle openers with a very fine brushed finish that are suitable for dye sublimation.

Two styles available.

Foil Quill 305mm sheets 28th June 2022
The foil sheets for the Foil Quill system are now available in 305mm (12 inch) sheets.

Available in Gold Finch, Silver Swan and Shining Starling, in packs of 15 sheets.

Vent Hole Garment Vinyl 9th June 2022
Perforated vent hole PU (Polyurethane) hot peel garment vinyl, available in 3 colours.

White Black Red
By The Metre
DeTape Slim Cutting Mat 8th June 2022
Got a cluttered workspace but still need a long cutting mat?

The DeTape Slim cutting matt is 90cm across but just 25cm deep so it won't take over your whole desk but still allow you a really long cut.

Cricut Hat Press 8th June 2022
The Cricut cap press features a ceramic-coated heat plate that is curved so it presses almost all caps.

3 heat settings up to 205c and is compatible with Cricut Heat app for wireless connection and control via Bluetooth.

MDP Rapide - New Colours 7th June 2022
Another 5 colours have been added to the MDP Rapide garment vinyl range.

Orange Yellow Purple Pink Grey
By The Metre
By The Cameo/Cricut Sheet
Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Heat Press 25th May 2022
The Hotronix 360 IQ press lets you apply to the front, back, and sides of a cap without removing it from the press.

With its touch screen display and heated upper and lower heated platens it is the most high spec cap press there is.

Coloured Reflective Garment Vinyl 24th May 2022
We have added 3 colours of reflective garment vinyl to the range.

White Red Blue
By The Metre
By The Sheet
Dye Sublimatable Ribbons 18th May 2022
Create personalised ribbons with garment vinyl or apply a dye sublimation print for a full colour ribbon.

The ribbons are 100% polyester so you can dye sub on both sides.

Prime Flex - New Colours 16th May 2022
Another 9 colours have been added to the Prime Flex garment vinyl range.

Apple Green Fir Green Warm Sand Cream Coral
Neon Yellow Neon Orange Neon Pink Neon Green
By The Metre
By The 25m Log
Cricut Brightpad Go 2nd May 2022
Weeding light pad with five adjustable brightness settings to minimise eye strain. The illuminated area is 29x22cm and features a hardened surface to protect the light box whilst weeding and a non slip base.

The built in rechargeable battery gives 1.5 hours of power and also includes USB power adapter.

Uniflex Nature Garment Vinyl 1st May 2022
CFP Uniflex Nature is a solvent-free, water-based polyurethane garment vinyl with a paper carrier liner, reducing the use of plastics.

Suitable for application to all textiles including nylon.

By The Metre
By 25m Log

DeTape Exterior Swirls 29th April 2022
Exterior grade metallic sign vinyl with a swirl pattern. 610mm wide and sold by the metre.

Silver Gold
Stahls Quick Slip Protectors 24th April 2022
Protect the lower platen of your heat press and make it easier to slide garments on and off the platen with a Stahls Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector.

MDP Rapide - New Colours 22nd April 2022
Another 4 colours have been added to the MDP Rapide garment vinyl range.

Light Blue Green Silver Gold
By The Metre
By The Cameo/Cricut Sheet
Hot Flex - New Colours 21st April 2022
Another 2 colours have been added to the Hotflex garment vinyl range.

Orange Sherbet Lemon Sherbet
By The Metre
By The Cameo/Cricut Sheet
Olfa MXP-AL Metal 18mm Auto Lock Knife 11th April 2022
Olfa aluminium body with wrap-around anti-slip grip. Comes with 18mm blade.

DT Stone - New Designs 8th April 2022
Three new designs have been added to the DT Stone range for interior design.

Ideal for covering furniture, walls and doors. Self adhesive and can be cut using a knife or scissors.

Marble 2 Marble 3 Concrete White
Axus Japanese Heavy Duty Scissors 31st March 2022
Heavy duty Japanese 10cm / 4 inch stainless steel blades.

Rubberised lines handles for comfort. Right handed. Overall length 20cm.

Stahls Hotronix Auto Open Heat Presses 22nd March 2022
The Hotronix Auto-Open heat presses work without an air compressor. We have introduced the smaller 15x25cm and the 28x38cm platen sizes to compliment the 40x50cm version.

The presses have a digital timer, pressure and temperature displays, and there is also a twin timer for two step applications.

Dye Sublimation Aprons 8th March 2022
DMS Utility Apparel adjustable aprons suitable for dye sublimation printing. Features a triple pouched front pocket and adjustable buckle on the neck strap.

Looks like cotton but it's 230gsm 100% polyester.

Available in white, sand and soft pink.

Prime Flex - New Colours 2nd March 2022
Another 7 colours have been added to the Prime Flex garment vinyl range.

Golden Yellow Orange Lavender Spa Green Mint Mushroom Brown
By The Metre
By The 25m Log
Brierley Hill Opening Hours 25th February 2022
Our Brierley Hill, West Midlands branch has changed its opening hours to;

08.30 - 17.30 - Monday to Thursday
08.30 - 17.00 - Friday.

KPMF Cast Matt Vehicle Wrap 21st February 2022
Three new colours have been added to the matt KPMF cast vehicle wrap range.

They feature KPMF's Airelease liner for bubble free application.

Absolute Matt Royal Amtheyst Absolute Matt Quantum Blue Absolute Matt Mythos Red
KPMF Carbon Wrap 7th February 2022
Black vehicle wrapping polymeric carbon fibre effect with the KPMF airflow adhesive system is now available in 762mm wide, sold by the metre.

3M VHB Tape 18th January 2022
Adding to our range of adhesive tapes we now stock 3M GPH110 VHB tape in 12mm and 25mm width. Double sided grey tape with conformable 1.1mm acrylic foam. 33m length roll. Higher heat resistance than RP45.

DeTape 460 - New Colours 11th January 2022
Another 3 colours have been added to the DeTape 460 matt sign vinyl range.

With an exterior life of 3 to 5 years the DeTape 460 range is a cost effective range of matt sign vinyl.

Dove Grey Battleship Grey Dark Grey
610mm Rolls
610mm Logs
1220mm Rolls
1220mm Logs
Prime Flex - New Colours 6th December 2021
Another 5 colours have been added to the Prime Flex garment vinyl range.

Lime Berry Toffee Baby Pink Baby Blue
By The Metre
By The 25m Log
DMS Drawstring Bags 22nd November 2021
Two new colours have been added to the range of DMS drawstring bags.

Watermelon Red and Dark Apple Green. Water-resistant drawstring backpack with strong nylon cord carry handles. Reinforced corners with metal eyelets. 44cm x 34cm.

Slice Auto Retracting Knives / Cutters 17th November 2021
We have introduced 2 new Slice auto retracting knives / cutters to our range.

The Slice box cutter has an ergonomic, durable nylon handle with non-slip grip and the Slice auto-retractable utility knife has a sturdy metal handle.

All Slice ceramic blades are non-sparking, non-magnetic, chemically inert, safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius, and never rust.

DeTape 460 Series Matt 28th October 2021
DeTape monomeric matt with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Rated for 3-5 year exterior application.

Available in white and black on a blue release liner, in 610mm and 1220mm widths. Sold in 5 metre increments.

610mm Rolls
1220mm Rolls
Prime Flex 20th October 2021
Prime Flex is a soft PU (Polyurethane) hot peel garment vinyl. Great to weed, even the most intricate of designs. Can be used on Cotton, Polyester and Polyester / Cotton mixes.

By The Metre
By The 25m Log
Marabu Inks 16th September 2021
Marabu Mara Jet DI-MS and Marabu Mara Jet DI-LSX inks are now also available in 1000ml bottles.

Mara Jet DI-MS
Mara Jet DI-LSX
Dye Sublimation Coloured Mugs 16th September 2021
Two new glitter mugs have been added to the dye sublimation range.

Available in Silver / Blue and Silver / Pink these glitter mugs are premium grade 11oz mugs.

Max Jet Carbon Window Tint 14th September 2021
We have added the 1520mm (60 inch) width in Max Jet Pro window tint. Now available in 500mm, 762mm and 1520mm widths.

Made in the USA, the MaxJet Pro film is made from advanced laminated film that is scratch resistant, non-reflective, and supremely easy to apply and shrink.

DeTape Tool Belt 25th August 2021
Heavy duty 5 pouch tool belt with adjustable webbing belt and buckle. Also features a metal carabiner clip so you can hook it onto a belt loop and a velcro belt flap so you can attach it to your own belt if you prefer.

Ideal for keeping your vehicle wrapping tools easily at hand.

Hot Flex - New Colours 14th August 2021
Another 3 colours have been added to the Hotflex garment vinyl range.

Coral Tawny Brown Lichen Green
By The Metre
By The Cameo/Cricut Sheet
Button Fix Components 6th August 2021
Button-fix is an innovative fixing system for panels and signage that is completely invisible, with no screw holes on show.

We have introduced more of the range so there are even more applications where you can use the Button Fix system.

Prime Reflex 29th July 2021
A new silver reflective garment vinyl that is so easy to weed.

Available in 330mm sheets and by the metre.

By The Metre
By The Cameo/Cricut Sheet
Cricut Easypress Mats 28th July 2021
Designed for use with Cricut Easypress the Easypress mats have a foil membrane that protects your work surface and reflects heat from your EasyPress back into the garment, giving even heat distribution.

Available in 3 sizes.

New Colour In Prem Flock 27th July 2021
Another colour has been added to the Prem Flock garment vinyl range.

By The Metre
By The Cameo/Cricut Sheet
DeTape Cutting Mats 21st July 2021
The DeTape cutting mats are now available in green in 5 sizes from A4 up to A0.

The 3mm thick self healing mats are double sided with metric measurements. They feature a unique 10mm and 50mm grid that includes markings for Silhouette Portrait and Cameo sheet cutting

Dye Sublimation Mugs By The Pallet 2nd July 2021
Want the best possible price on bulk purchasing? Buy dye sublimation mugs by the full pallet to get great savings.

We have now added Contiental and Chester mugs to the range.

DeTape Exterior Intense Sparkle Vinyl 29th June 2021
Two new colours have been added to the DeTape Intense Sparkle sign vinyl range.

Sold by the metre in 305mm and 610mm widths.

Teal Green
305mm Wide
610mm Wide
DeTape Exterior Spectrum Vinyl 25th June 2021
Two new colours have been added to the DeTape Spectrum sign vinyl range.

Sold by the metre in 305mm and 610mm widths.

Amethyst Red

Avery V6790B Conspicuity Tape 18th June 2021
Avery V6790B is a single layer prismatic reflective tape for safety marking of flexible surfaces, eg truck curtainsides.

Available in white, red and yellow and in rolls of 12.5m or 50 metres.

New Colours In Prem Flock 17th June 2021
Another 2 colours have been added to the Prem Flock garment vinyl range.

Baby Pink Pink
By The Metre
By The Cameo/Cricut Sheet
KPMF Cast Vehicle Wrap 11th June 2021
Opulent Indigo has been added to the KPMF cast vehicle wrap range.

It feature KPMF's Airelease liner for bubble free application.

Opulent Indigo Gloss
Cricut Explore 3 & Maker 3 10th June 2021
Cricut have 2 new cutting machines, the Explore 3 and the Maker 3

These machines have improved speed and a longer cutting length.

Available as a standard machine or with a range of exclusive starter packs.

Cricut Explore 3
Cricut Maker 3
DeTape Snap Off Knives 14th May 2021
Two new snap off knives have been added to the range. A stainless steel version that is remarkably similar to an Olfa SVR2 and a soft grip version featuring a lockable or auto retracting blade.

Replacement blades are also available, DeTape Type E.

Flip Top Water Bottles 11th May 2021
These dye sublimation 750ml aluminium water bottles feature a flip top drinking spout.

BPA / Phthalate Free. 72mm diameter, printable height approx 170mm. Available in silver or white finish and sold in singles or in boxes of 48.

Youngman Work Platform 1st May 2021
Strong aluminium work platform with locking legs and anti-slip feet. Platform has a weight capacity of 150kg.

Platform is 600 x 300mm and has a height of 500mm.

Wrap Cut Wire 22nd April 2021
We have added the metal filament tape Wrap Cut Wire to the product range.

Designed so you can cut vehicle wrap in position without the need for using a knife. The extra strong metal filament means you can cut even thicker vinyl such as carbon fibre and paint protection film compared to Wrap Cut and Wrap Cut Pro.

4mm wide and 45 metres long.

New Colours In Metallic Stretch 16th April 2021
Another 4 colours have been added to the metallic stretch garment vinyl range.

A shiny metallic garment film with superb stretching properties that blends into the fabric. It is easy to cut and is an absolute dream to weed.

Green Copper Purple Aqua
By The Metre
By The Cameo/Cricut Sheet
DP804 Mixing Nozzles 15th April 2021
We now stock 1:1 mixer nozzle for Scotch Weld DP804 adhesive.

Sold in a pack of 5.

Channel Roller 7th April 2021
Designed for gently applying uniform pressure to vehicle wrap when pushing into recessed channels such as around the side panels of vans.

53mm diameter roller wheel with soft thermoplastic polyurethane edging and aluminium handle. Total tool length 210mm.

Doming Name Badges 1st April 2021
66x30mm oval namebadeges have been added to the range, available in gold, silver and black.

Produce quality name badges with our premium blank zinc alloy metal name badges.

Featuring a 1mm recessed area for insertion of a domed sticker, each badge comes with a magnetic fixing.


If there is any product that you would like us to stock that you can't currently find please email us at and we will do some investigations into it.


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